childhood friendships

Nov 29, 2021

John Knowles' A Separate Peace is a coming-of-age story that recounts the friendship of two boys during World War II. Gene is brilliant and introverted, while Phineas is charismatic and popular. As the two boys suffer under the pressures of war, their jealously will attempt to overcome their friendship. This book appears to be a simple story, but it's filled with symbolic meaning. While the book as a whole is fun to dissect at first, it becomes tiresome after a while, and the plot itself wasn't enough to keep me interested. I wish the superficial story carried more weight so that it was easier

Nov 18, 2021

3 friends, Willa, Britton, and Luz were inseparable for years, until Willa ruined their friendship. Now, Willa is a week away from graduation and is reminiscing on the past to try to piece together the causes and events that caused her to betray her close friends.

This book fully exceeded my expectations. I could not put this book down and was quickly turning the pages to find out what happens next. I enjoyed how the author goes between two timelines for the story to make sense. This book was written well and had provoked strong emotions in me. The cover of the book drew me in to read it

Nov 17, 2021

Count Me In is a heartwarming and eye-opening fiction novel by Varsha Bajaj. This book is about Chris and Karina who were not friends until Karina's grandfather started tutoring Chris. On the way back from the tutoring session, Karina, Chris, and Karina's grandfather get attacked by an immigrant hater. That attack left Karina outraged. She and Chris tried to change the world’s perspective to look at immigrants not as terrorists but as good people. I love the way the author keeps the story going even though the character hit rock bottom at one point. I recommend this book to all readers wanting

Nov 3, 2021

Shade and Jadis were inseparable best friends that shared everything. When Shade joins cheerleading without telling Jadis, Jadis feels betrayed. Shade loves being around the cheerleaders and enjoys the thought of becoming a cheerleader. Jadis doesn’t want to lose her best friend, so, she is determined to win her back over at any cost. When one of the cheerleaders goes missing, Shade immediately suspects Jadis. Is Jadis the killer? Does Jadis win Shade back? Read more to find out!

I got pulled in to reading this book because it seemed like a fun read, but it turned out to be dark and

Aug 4, 2021

The moment I read the first chapter of Star Wars Lost Stars I knew it was going to be one of my favorite books. When you read the first chapter, not only do you get to know the two main character’s backstories but also how they came into their passion for flying ships. Ciena and Thane are two different people. One from the rich folk and another from the valleys. They were best friends for many years and even went to the same Imperial academy together. Throughout the book you start to see the characters change in either massive or short ways. Thane has different opinions about the Empire and

Aug 1, 2021

The first book in Rachel Renée Russell’s Dork Diaries series, Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life, captures what it’s like to be a tween/young teen girl. Nikki Maxwell must try to fit in at a new, preppy school that she attends on a scholarship. Nikki will have to navigate friends, crushes, and popular enemies, recounting it all in her diary.

While I am definitely older than this book’s target audience, I still found it endearing and entertaining. At first, I thought some aspects of the book and its characters were too dramatic; however, after some reconsideration, I think that the attitudes

Jun 19, 2021

Ms. Bixby’s Last Day, by John David Anderson, is about a mission of three boys to find their teacher. Ms. Bixby was an amazing teacher as Steve, Brand, and Topher have said multiple times in the book. The whole class loved Ms. Bixby, but Ms. Bixby got other plans. Ms. Bixby told the class that she had cancer, Adenocarcinoma, which means she will not be able to teach for the rest of the year. All the students were devastated when Ms. Bixby left, but not Steve, Brand, and Topher, or the three musketeers. They started figuring out a plan to meet Ms. Bixby before she leaves for Boston for her

Jun 10, 2021

Ali and her cousin, Emma, visit their mothers’ childhood home. On their vacation, Emma decides to make friends with people. Both the girls go looking around Maine for a child around Emma’s age. One day, they meet a girl named Sissy. She spoils Emma and scares her by telling her about a murder. Even though the girls are frightened, they ask their aunt more about the story. As the story goes on, Ali and Emma realize that Sissy is not who she says she is.

I think this book was a job well done. Mary Downing Hahn has really interested me more in her books. Though this story is really good, it

Jun 5, 2021

We all know about Auggie in the book Wonder, but R.J. Palacio made another book about other people’s point of view from Auggie’s time. Auggie and Me features Charlotte, Julian and Auggie’s friend Christopher’s view during Auggie’s time and a little after as well. This book is a good book if you want to see the bullying of Auggie from Julian’s point of view. This book is wonderful, but you should read it after reading Wonder.

I loved this book; I read it multiple times. I really like seeing all the points of view and not just those points of view but in Wonder we see a lot of point of views

Feb 13, 2021

Written by John Knowles, ​A Separate Peace​ is a realistic fiction story about a boy named Gene who attends boarding school in New England and is set during the years of World War II. The plot mainly follows Gene and his best friend Phineas. Gene is quiet, inverted and an intellectual. Phineas is everyone’s favorite person; he is athletic, charming, and a daredevil. The two are complete opposites but could be described as “inseparable.” Although, they struggle with their friendship as certain events unfold through the story.

Overall it was a simple story with a strong message. This is very

Dec 22, 2020

Anne of Green Gables​ by L.M. Montgomery is a beautifully told coming of age story. Anne Shirley is an orphan mistakenly brought home by the Cuthberts living in Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. This story narrates Anne’s life as she grows up and learns to navigate her feelings, relationships, and life. Anne is a nearly perfect character because of her imperfections; she’s always making mistakes or getting into trouble, which makes her relatable to the reader.

For generations, Anne has delighted readers with her big personality and even bigger imagination, and as this was my second read of

My Dog Skip

By Willie Morris
Rated by Hannah Jane C.
Jan 1, 2016

My Dog Skip is a rollicking jaunt through Willie Morris’ memories of his adventures with Skip, his boyhood dog and constant companion.  Skip is no ordinary dog, nor is the bond that Skip and Willie share.  In this playful and beautifully written memoir Willie writes about the years he spent with Skip, each page bursting with hilarious shenanigans, canine loyalty and ferocious exuberance.

Skip and Willie’s adventures are numerous and often outlandish.  Skip is a privileged dog who “drives” the family’s green DeSoto, roams the town with Willie, eats as much bologna and raisin bran as he likes

In a Dark, Dark Wood

By Ruth Ware
Rated by Katie S.
Oct 5, 2015

Leonora (Nora/Lee/Leo) Shaw's past has come back to visit her. With a mysterious invitation to a hen-do (British bachelorette party) in the English countryside for a friend she hasn't seen or spoken to in years, she is forced to get out of her apartment and shed her closed-off personality for a weekend. She doesn't, however, quite know why she is invited and when she begins to ask around, no one else seems to know why they have been invited either. The hostess, Flo, is crazy about the bride, Clare, and puts all of the guests ill-at-ease. The Glass House where they stay is freaky as well with

Oct 29, 2010

 Erica Falck returns to her hometown of Fjallbacka, Sweden after the funeral of her parents, and instead of finding the peace and quiet she craves, she finds a community full of secrets.  The secret lives are as hidden as the omnipresent ice hides reality from the  casual observer. Her best friend from childhood, Alex, has returned to the home she grew up in, but her return is not a happy one.  Erica becomes  somewhat obsessed with Alex’s fate, and teams up with a local detective, Patrik Hedstrom who is also investigating the case. The Swedish winter plays as much of a character in this