Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson
Jun 13, 2021

Steelheart is an amazing book written by Brandon Sanderson.  There is no way to predict what is going to happen in this novel. It is action packed, funny, and a good overall book.

David has seen Steelheart bleed and he intends to see him bleed again. David is on a mission. Today he is trying to find the Reckoners (those opposed to superpowers) and after a long time of research he has observed the Reckoner’s path and has sought them out. David finds them but they are in the middle of an assignment. David tries to prove himself to resist and help in the fight against the Epics and the High Epics and, most of all, Steelheart. Read the book to find out more about the summary.

Wow it felt good talking about this book, too. I have to say this really makes reading a lot more fun than it already is. Buy this book but it’s okay if you don’t because I can’t turn you to dust or anything like that right? Right!?

Written by
Smayan K.

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