I'm Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas by Tiffany Schmidt
Tiffany Schmidt
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Dec 2, 2021

Feeling bored with the lack of Christmas spirit around her, Noelle Partridge decides to join the family she babysits for on a ski trip. She is ready for festive fun when she finds out her crush Wyatt, a half-brother to the kid she babysits, is joining. Want to know what happens next? Read more to find out!

I personally enjoyed this book, considering how the holidays are nearby. I think that the plot of the book is nice and heartwarming. The book was easy to read, and the characters were relatable. The cover of the book is fun and colorful and is what piqued my interest in the story. I really liked this book and I rate it a 5/5.

Written by
Marium K.

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