Yotsuba&! Vol. 15

Yotsuba&! Vol. 15
Kiyohiko Azuma
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Apr 15, 2024

Summary: In this volume, winter brings about a set of new experiences for Yotsuba and friends. The introduction of the kotatsu, banana smoothies, and rock hunting bring about a cozy and fun series of chapters. Kiyohiko Azuma’s art shines through with the unique and funny facial expressions, detailed backgrounds, and simplistic but sophisticated shading, bringing life to the characters. The volume also introduces themes of change, presenting a cohesive blend of chapters and a heart-tugging ending. 

Opinion: This volume has become one of my favorites. Not only are the simple pleasures of a warm kotatsu and snack-filled study session with friends relatable, it reminds the reader just how much more enjoyable small moments are with loved ones. The development of Kiyohiko Azuma’s art gives Yotsuba an expressive yet cute caricature while still maintaining the aesthetics of the overall series. The ending, featuring Yotsuba’s dad’s reaction to preparation for school, is a heartwarming yet sorrowful nod to parents’ complicated feelings towards their children growing up. The scene is portrayed beautifully, and ends the volume on a bittersweet end.

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