A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking

A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking by T. Kingfisher
T. Kingfisher
Oct 21, 2021

In a world full of powerful wizards, lives 14 year old Mona. Mona is a wizard, but she isn’t an all mighty one, she has to power to make magical bread. All’s well in Mona’s life until she suddenly finds a dead body on the floor of her aunt’s bakery. She soon finds out that an assassin is roaming her city, and she’s the next of his prey. This book is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. I was hooked onto every page while reading this book. I enjoyed living vicariously through Mona and her gingerbread familiar, Bob. The personalities of the characters were unique and fitting for their roles. Even though there are mentions of a dead body, this book is perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds. The cover gives us some foreshadowing of future events in the book. If you are looking for a fun fantasy to stir up some positive emotions in you, this book is surely a good fit for you

Written by
Marium K.

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