The Secret Language of Sisters

The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice
Luanne Rice
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Sep 12, 2022

After a tragic accident, two very close sisters have to learn how to maintain their
closeness through a traumatic experience. Roo, the older sister, crashes her car and gets
“locked-in syndrome” where she can see and hear everything but cannot respond verbally or
physically. She and her younger sister, Tilly, have to figure out how to communicate with each
other again. The book talks about dealing with guilt and how traumatic events can make
relationships between people even more complex. It depicts a lot of real emotions: anger,
sadness, guilt, and happiness. It shows how love can bring people together and teach us

I think this book shows how when something traumatic happens in life, your first
instinct is to try to blame someone or something. But sometimes there isn’t always one definite
answer. I also really appreciated the smaller message of finding a creative outlet. Everyone can
benefit from using creativity to express emotions and deal with struggles. This book teaches a
great lesson, especially for young people nowadays, about the consequences of texting and
driving. If you are driving, do not answer the text, one response is not worth your life. If you
know someone is driving, do not send a text. A message is not worth someone’s life.

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