Saint Young Men Vol. 2

Saint Young Men Vol. 2
Hikaru Nakamura
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Apr 15, 2024

Summary: Volume 2 of Saint Young Men opens with the event of Christmas and Jesus’ birthday, where a misunderstanding leads to funny and surprising outcomes. As the seasons change, Jesus and Buddha experience sickness, new ways to stay active, shopping and haircuts. The pair continue to explore the human realm through their Japanese apartment while concealing their divine identities. Hikaru Nakamura mixes comedy, religious references, and slice-of-life into a unique and heartwarming story. 

Opinion: I found this continuation of Saint Young Men to be just as funny and cozy as the first. The manga does an amazing job of incorporating Buddhist and Christian references into the story and its humor. Although the premise of incorporating religious references may seem foreign, most of the humor doesn’t require extensive background knowledge (additionally, the manga includes an index with necessary explanations). Most of the charm of this series comes from the earnest personalities of the two protagonists. Hikaru Nakamura does a great job of developing characters that not only respectfully portray their religious figures but create interesting dynamics in the world they interact with. The detailed backgrounds and hidden theological references in the art bring this series to life and add to its charm. Overall, I recommend this to anyone interested in religion, slice-of-life, and witty comedy.

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