Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Jennifer A. Nielsen
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Jun 14, 2022

Resistance is a historical fiction novel by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It follows Chaya Linder, a Jewish girl in German-occupied Poland. After her siblings disappear, she becomes a courier and joins a resistance cell. After a mission goes wrong, she is sent on a journey to save more lives at the Warsaw Ghetto. The emotional moments are the standout in this novel. The ending was bittersweet, made even more impactful by the impeccable writing from Nielsen. The bravery and courage shown by the characters in this book is inspiring, especially knowing that elements of the book are based on true stories that aren’t always told in historical fiction novels set in World War 2. The issue with this novel is the main character, Chaya. Her character is flat, which does allow some other characters to shine. However, this may cause readers to struggle with this novel as it’s difficult to connect with Chaya. I would recommend this novel for historical fiction lovers as well as YA novel lovers. I rate it 4 stars.

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