Not If I Save You First

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter
Ally Carter
Oct 21, 2021

Not if I Save You First is a deeply suspenseful and compelling adventure fiction novel by Ally Carter. This book is about 16-year-old Maddie, who moved from Washington D.C to Alaska, where she and her father are the only people for 20 miles in every direction. Maddie’s one and only friend, Logan came to visit her. The two friends embark on a journey to save themselves from a Russian kidnapper and assassin.

The most entertaining aspect of this book are the hilarious conversations between Maddie and Logan. I recommend this book to people who are going through hard times because I believe this book will lighten your mood. This is why I rate Not if I Save You First 5/5 stars.

Written by
Shreya A.

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