Justine Larbalestier
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Mar 3, 2010

Micah live in New York City and attends a fancy private school, she is on scholarship. She lives with her parents in a small apartment and she doesn't seem to have a lot of friends. The drama starts when a boy from school, Zach is found murdered in Central Park. Micah, who narrates the story, says she barely knew Zach, just had a few classes with him but as the story goes on it is uncovered that Micah and Zach were actually secretly dating, secretly because Zach was actually dating another girl.

Turns out that Micah is a compulsive liar. She loves to see what she can get you to believe, and trust me she weaves some interesting tales! As the truth about Zach's disappearance and murder is uncovered Micah begins peeling back the lies she has surrounded herself with and lets you in on the biggest secret ever! She is a werewolf! I won't give away anything else except to say that Liar was an amazing story that will have you scratching your head and wondering "did that just happen?" I also highly recommend the audiobook to really get into Micah's head.

Reviewed by Kate M.
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