How We Fall Apart

How We Fell Apart by Katie Zhao
Katie Zhao
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Nov 29, 2021

Katie Zhao’s How We Fall Apart is a murder-mystery with amazing Asian representation. Nancy Luo is a scholarship student and the best friend of the top girl, Jamie Ruan, at Sinclair Prep, an elite high school. Jamie is everything Nancy isn’t, rich, the valedictorian, and powerful. After Jamie is found dead, the people that once were closest to her, Nancy, Krystal, Akil, and Alexander, are the suspects. Another twist to the story is that a certain person, known as “The Proctor” in a school app, is publishing their darkest secrets. The four suspects, who once were friends, will do absolutely anything to protect themselves and their biggest secret of all, and they are determined to find the mastermind behind this. This is a good but cliché murder mystery, with dark secrets and fates. The thing that stands out the most is the Asian representation with the four main characters, and it was shown well. The cover illustrates the main characters, but only parts of their face, maybe letting the reader interpret the other aspects. Overall, How We Fall Apart is a book that should be read.


Written by
Neha K.

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