Heartless by Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer
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Jan 19, 2022

In this twisted fairy tale, Marissa Meyer reveals the backstory of the Queen of Hearts in her book Heartless. Set in Wonderland, main character Catherine must decide what life she wishes to lead. Catherine is the daughter of a Marquess, however, she wishes she could own a bakery with her maid Mary Ann. Unfortunately, her societal role prevents this career and her parents wish for her to marry the King. Her life is turned around when she meets the court jester and must choose if she wants to be the perfect daughter or choose the path that makes her happy.

I enjoyed reading this book because the elements of the original story were incorporated throughout the plot cleverly, but there were new elements of Wonderland that filled in missing facts readers would want to know. Lastly, the ending to the story is not a typical ending, and it sets this book apart from others.

Written by
Jillian K.

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