Good Girl, Bad Blood

Good Girl Bad Blood by Holly Jackson
Holly Jackson
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Jul 18, 2022

A new mystery has come to Pippa’s hometown and Pippa has set out to solve it. Pip
had promised herself, her parents, and boyfriend that she would not try to solve any
more mysteries but she can’t keep her hands off of this mystery. Pippa’s friend
Conner’s brother, Jamie, has gone missing and the police won’t do anything about it
so Pippa feels it is her duty to provide justice to Conner and his family. Pippa knows
she is putting herself in danger with this mission but does she really know how far this
will take her?

This book was good, but not as good as A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Holly Jackson
is slowly but surely becoming one of my new favorite authors. This is the kind of book
that you really need to focus on while reading because every little detail is important
in solving the crime. In A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder I felt that I could try to solve it a
little bit easier, but in this book it was more unpredictable which I had mixed feelings
about. Overall, this was a really good mystery that makes you think hard.


Written by
Anna S.

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