Fable by Adrienne Young
Adrienne Young
Jan 4, 2022

“You weren’t made for this world, Fable,” were the last words Fable’s father, Saint, said as he abandoned her on the dredger island of Jeval. Abandoned on the island, Fable fought to escape Jeval dredging gems and trading them for copper to West, a helmsman to the ship named Marigold. Meanwhile, as Fable accumulated copper, she began to draw murderous gazes...

This book was a dream to read. Fable was an admirable heroine, introspective, clever, and independent. Her resourcefulness and nerve latched me into turning pages faster than usual as the plot passed through an enrapturing adventure. Fable’s world of lucrative trade and mysterious captains was fascinating and original compared to other popular fantasy novels and, it continued to impress with the world’s depth through the plot while not dragging the reader down with an extensive exposition. I loved this book, and I highly recommend anyone craving a good adventure fantasy book to read it. 

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