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Aug 10, 2022

Elf is a classic Christmas comedy about a human baby (Will Ferrell) mistakenly ending up at the

North Pole and growing up amongst the elves. It isn’t until many years later, after not fitting in

with the elves and being named Buddy, that he finds out from Santa that he’s just an ordinary

human. With this news, Buddy travels to New York to search for his real father. But this journey

would not come easy for Buddy as he gets tangled with a raccoon, ran over by a cab, and fired

from the mall after getting in a fight with a fake Santa. However, Buddy’s idiocy is what makes

this movie so great and memorable-- never failing to make me laugh like crazy every time I

watch it. Will Ferrell’s acting was top-notch and really made this movie shine!

Written by
Colin K.

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