The Duke and I

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn
Julia Quinn
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Apr 8, 2022

Daphne Bridgerton is the eldest daughter in the eight-sibling Bridgerton family. In London’s debutante season, she eagerly looks for a husband with whom she can have a family and live a life with. Everything changes when she meets the rakish Simon, the Duke of Hastings. As they begin their relationship with friendship, Daphne and Simon’s relationship enters into precarious territory where one must give up the lifelong commitment they’ve made.

Overall, I would rate this book three stars. While the read was enjoyable, after reading the other Bridgerton novels following this one, I much preferred the sequels. However, the fact that this is book 1 and introduces all other seven siblings alone made the book worthwhile. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book to watchers of the hit show “Bridgerton” because the plotline is quite different, as are some of the characters. However, if one wants to enjoy a regency romance series, this is surely the book.

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