A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens
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Jun 21, 2021

Scrooge, a selfish and rude man, does not know the true meaning of Christmas. When his dead friend’s ghost visits him and tells him that he needs to change his ways, Scrooge has no choice but to change his feelings. Three ghosts pay Scrooge a visit to teach him the power of Christmas. Does Scrooge change? Or is he still the selfish, rude man?  Read the book to find out!

I think this book should be rewarded because it helps people realizes the true meaning of Christmas. Honestly, I would have been a lot like Scrooge if I hadn’t read A Christmas Carol. I think this would be a great book for kids to read.

The cover is not that good. There are different variations of the cover, but the one I had did not look good. I will say, it reminded me of the holidays and winter.  I rate this book a 4.

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Saathwika A.

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