Cemetery Boys

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
Aiden Thomas
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Sep 30, 2022

This book is about a trans boy trying to prove himself as a boy and be accepted by his family so
that he can become a brujo. Well trying to prove himself he summons the spirit of Julian, a
recently deceased bad boy from his high school, instead of his cousin Miguel who is missing.
Now he has to help Julian make amends with his friends and figure out how he died, try to find
his cousin, and prove himself to his traditional family. This book starts off slowly but then
gradually picks up the pace leading to a very eventful conclusion. I loved the inclusion in this
book and thought that Yadriel’s feelings were super relatable. This book made me reflect on
myself and my relationships as well as made me more informed and empathetic in regards to
what trans people go through. I did find the ending predictable but the story was written well and
was still very compelling and entertaining. I would highly recommend it to people who love
spooky things and romance, and also are okay with a slow beginning.

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