Born a Crime

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah
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Aug 12, 2022

Born a Crime is an autobiography about comedian Trevor Noah and his struggles growing up.
Watch him face traumatic experiences from living during the Apartheid to dealing with his
mother's toxic boyfriend. These all shape him into who he is today but will he learn the meaning
and importance behind them?

This book was better than I anticipated it to be. Normally autobiographies aren’t my thing but I
gave Trevor Noah a chance and I was not disappointed. Not only did I learn so many interesting
facts and stories but I also got a few laughs. Trevor Noah did an amazing job at balancing two
aspects; seriousness and comedy. I recommend this to anyone who watches his show, you really
get to know him. However, I do recommend this to everyone. I don’t watch his show but the
book made me start following him.

Very well done, I’d give it a rating of 4 (better than most).

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