American as Paneer Pie

American as Paneer Pie by Supriya Kelkar
Supriya Kelkar
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Aug 26, 2022

Lekha has a birthmark on her forehead. It is supposed to be luck, but for
her, she would not say it is lucky. Lekha goes to a school with not many
Indians and she is always teased for her unshaved legs, permanent bindi, and
generally for being an Indian. Suddenly another Indian becomes her
neighbor. Avanthika, is a lot more confident than Lekha even though she has
an accent. This book is how she tells her story with ups and downs about
being Indian.

I loved this book. As an Indian these things happen to us. It was quite a
relatable book. I think anyone from the ages 11 and older should read this. It is
an important book because of the moral of the story and just the way this
author wrote the book. This book has funny references and sad scenes. If you
are looking for a new book, American as Paneer Pie might just be the one for

Written by
Sriha P.

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