All Your Perfects

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover
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Sep 28, 2022

All Your Perfects follows the relationship between Quinn and Graham, two individuals who
found themselves next to each other the night they found out that their significant others had
cheated on them with each other. The story is told from the point of view of Quinn in two
different timelines. One timeline is from when they first began dating, and the other takes place a
few years into their marriage. Quinn, struggling with infertility, feels that she is bringing nothing
but unhappiness into Graham’s life, and the two are struggling to find ways to keep each other
happy. The book follows the two timelines up until they converge, and Quinn and Graham are
reminded of the events of their past when they experience tough times in their present.

Personally, this book was not for me. I binge-read it in one day mostly because of how little
storyline there was in the three hundred and five pages of this book. The overall story wasn’t
terrible, in fact, it was compelling, but there wasn’t enough character development in Quinn up
until the last couple of pages of the book. I personally felt as if very little developments were
being made until the last chapter of this novel. Had Hoover spread out Quinn’s character
development a bit more, I would rate this book a four due to the fact that it showed me a new
perspective on life and showed me how helpless two people can be in a relationship, even when
they’re still in love. Unfortunately, because of the lack of development throughout the book, I
would give it a two.


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