After We Fell

After We Fell by Anna Todd
Anna Todd
Feb 5, 2021

After We Fell​, the third installment of Anna Todd’s ​After​ series, might just be the best book in the series. Tessa and Hardin learn to live separately and travel to England for Hardin’s mom’s wedding. Throughout all of this, Hardin and Tessa actually seem to learn how to communicate for the most part, and a lot of drama arises surrounding both Hardin and Tessa’s parents. Along with all of this, secrets and lies continue to unfold as all of Hardin and Tessa’s friends’ intentions come into question. Despite all of the negativity revealed throughout the book, Hardin and Tessa’s relationship appears to grow just a little bit less toxic. This book had me hooked even more than the last.

Written by
Taylor E.

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