After Ever Happy

After Ever Happy by Anna Todd
Anna Todd
Feb 6, 2021

After Ever Happy​ is the final book in the ​After ​series written by Anna Todd. This book follows Tessa and Hardin as they adjust to living in different states to get space from one another and experience personal growth. This book had a different vibe than the rest of the series; it had more of a somber tone than the others, which I didn’t love. Second, in this book, Tessa and Hardin finally get themselves together, and their decisions become more logical. However, their rational decisions made this book less captivating than its predecessors because it was the illogical drama that made the series so addictive in the first place. Despite the shift in tone, I love that Tessa and Hardin finally grew as individual people. Finally, I have mixed feelings about how this book ended. I’m content with it; it just feels wrong for Tessa and Hardin’s relationship to end in such a plain and predictable way. Overall, this book was okay, but it was far from the best in the series.

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Taylor E.

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