Zombie Attack!

Daniel Waters
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Sep 17, 2008

Have you planned your escape route in case of a zombie attack? I know I have. But there is no need to run from the zombies of Daniel Waters' new book Generation Dead. This is the sweet, heart-warming story of a goth chick, Phoebe and her zombie boyfriend. OK, maybe it isn't all that sweet. The world changed two years ago when teens stopped dying. Well, more accurately, they wouldn't stay dead. A few hours after a teenager dies the are reanimated. This only happens to teenagers and scientists still aren't sure what is cause, some say it is the devil some say it is a type of fungus. Who knows? Phoebe, a living girl who might have been labeled a goth before this teen resurrection, happens to go to the high school with the best undead studies programs in the country. She is fascinated with her zombie schoolmates, especially with Tommy Williams. Tommy is unlike any other undead Phoebe has ever seen. He goes out for the football team, he is a poet. But not everyone admires Tommy like Phoebe does. Other students have difficulty accepting their "differently biotic" classmates. Especially Adam, who feels a unexplained animosity towards Tommy. Everything changes when Adam decides to teach both Tommy and Phoebe a lesson. Pick up Generation Dead at the Johnson County Library!

Reviewed by Kate M.
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