You Can Go Your Own Way

You Can Go Your Own Way by Eric Smith
Eric Smith
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Mar 8, 2022

Adam Stillwater is a boy who’s attached to what’s left of his father and is willing to defend it with his life. He is determined to keep his old time-y pinball arcade even if gaming cafés are all the rage right now. It doesn’t help that the daughter of the founder of said café is his childhood best friend that he became enemies with. But one day a snowstorm hits. The two of them find that when they don’t care as much about the business and just see each other for who they are, there’s something there. But what about when the snowstorm is over?

As a personal fan of enemies to lovers and forced proximity tropes You Can Go Your Own Way was a pretty good read. While plot development and the relationship between the two main characters was confusing at times the book still had plenty of positives. The conversations that it has about fake friends and how who you are can affect the people you talk to drove it to a 3.5/5 stars for me.

Written by
Tyler H.

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