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R.J. Palacio
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Sep 27, 2022

Wonder is a fictional novel written by R.J. Palacio. This book is about August
Pullman, also known as Auggie who has a facial anomaly. He wishes to be treated
as a normal kid, at his new school. He also hopes he could stop being bullied, and
people would accept him. His sister, his friends, his teacher, and parents try to
help him out of this troublesome situation, while he is getting bullied by Julien
Albans and his friends. He wishes to be treated equally, and everyone would stop
reacting to him in a disrespectful way. He wished he did not have facial deformity,
and could look like a normal kid. He talks with his mother and some others, to
help him feel better. He also gets a standing ovation which boosts his confidence
in himself. He views himself better than he did before, causing him to have a
better outlook. He continues to be social with his excellent abilities. The talented
individual lives a better and more open life than before, without fear...

The most compelling aspect of this book is when Auggie did nor believe in
himself. It seemed as if he needed motivation or guidance from someone else that
had gone through something similar. I was disappointed when he was bullied, but
did not stand up for himself. I was disappointed when he considered himself lower
than the bullies. I thought this because I knew Auggie deserved more, and
everyone should treat him with respect, including himself. This book inspired me
to feel and think about what I can achieve with self-confidence and proper
guidance. I would recommend this book to anybody who wishes people should
treat others the way they want to be treated. This book is great for almost age
groups, and teaches you many lessons needed to learn in life.


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