Wolf Brother

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver
Michelle Paver
Oct 21, 2021

Twelve-year-old Torak’s life is suddenly turned upside down when a bear attack suddenly leaves Torak without his father. Now, Torak is faced with completing the oath that he promised his father he would complete: To find a mountain that nobody has ever found, to solve a riddle that nobody has ever solved, and to kill the bear that killed his father. Luckily, Torak has a guide, in the form of a wolf cub. Together, Torak and Wolf travel together, avoiding enemies, collecting pieces of the riddle, and finding a way to make it to the mountain.

Wolf Brother is the first part in the series “Chronicles of Ancient Darkness” and is a thrilling opening to the series. Wolf Brother is heartwarming, while also leaving you with anticipation on what will happen next. While Wolf Brother answers most of the questions that arose in the beginning of the book, it still leaves you waiting to read the next book in the series. I would recommend the book to lovers of fantasy and action, as there is plenty of both in the book. I would rate this book a 4, as some minor details are resolved poorly, or could have been expanded upon more.

Written by
Annika S.

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