Witchshadow by Susan Dennard
Susan Dennard
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Dec 27, 2022

Iseult is finally reunited with Safi in Susan Dennard’s fourth novel of the Witchlands series, with
the belief they are the mythical Cahr Awen who is destined to restore magic to the realm. Yet they once
again find themselves in danger, with Safi left in Cartorra with the loss of her magic, and Iseult on the run
with Owl. Iseult encounters previous allies who have drastically changed, placing her in greater danger,
yet also learns and masters her true witch power. Vivia and Vaness have become allies as well after having
lost their positions as rulers of their kingdoms. And we learn that the ancient Exalted Ones are reemerging
after centuries of absences, with long-laid plans and machinations controlling the future of the
Witchlands. This novel is a bit darker in tone than the previous installments, and the changes in the
timeline, between the present and flashbacks, are sometimes difficult to follow.


Written by
Helton W.

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