The Wingfeather Saga

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson
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Aug 12, 2022

The main characters in this series are two brothers, a sister and their
mother and grandfather. The eldest of the family is named Janner, the
middle child is named Kalmar, but he goes by his nickname Tink, the
youngest sister is named Leehli, the mother is named Nia and the
grandfather is Podo, their father died in the great war, and their last
name is Igiby. They live in the world of Aerwiar, on the continent of
Skree, which has been taken over by a “Nameless evil called Gnag the
Nameless.” His armies of lizard-like creatures called the Fangs of Dang,
have been breathing fear and deadly venom down the people of
Skree’s necks. The children live in the town of Glipwood near the forest.
They are a fairly normal family, the fight and squabble, but love each
other very much. The siblings are one day allowed to go to the
bookshop in town by themselves on Dragon Day, an annual festival
when people from everywhere come to the small town to see the grand
and mysterious sea dragons sing their dragon songs by the cliffs. But as
the children leave the bookstore and their good friend Oskar. N.
Reteep, they head to the cliffs with the crowds to watch the dragons
and their adventure begins. A lost sibling, a deadly fang encounter, an
imprisonment and a mysterious rescue by their mother suddenly leads
the siblings to believe there is far more to their simple family than
meets the eye. This is the first thread as the mystery behind their family is slowly
unraveled and they are forced towards a destiny they didn’t know they had.

The Wingfeather Saga is a book of epic adventures. And when thinking
of a book to compare it to, my first choice would be Lord of the Rings.
The only difference is that it isn't quite as, for lack of a better word,
intense, and I suppose gory, as Lord of the Rings. But it has an amazing
plot where you don’t know what is going to happen next. There are
several major plot twists that come to mind when thinking of it and I
couldn’t put this book down, the thing that I loved the most were the
personalities of the siblings and characters. The children all have their
own quirks and strengths, The eldest loves reading and writing, the
middle child enjoys drawings, and the youngest sings and plays music
on her Whistleharp. The story is quicker paced and the world it is set in
has such a real feeling to it. There are original and funny creatures, new
foods and plants and it really makes the story come to life when
reading it. Something to know is that this is a four-book series, and the
books are fairly thick it isn’t exactly light reading. But if you have the
time, it is definitely worth it. I would say if you enjoyed Lord of the Rings
or Narnia, this book is definitely something that fits with those kinds of
series. When I finished these books it definitely gave me a book
hangover, and I still get one almost every time I read it. I would definitely
give this book a 5-star rating and it is just one of my absolute favorite
books. I highly recommend this series and if you read it, I hope you
enjoy it as much as I did!

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