Windwitch by Susan Dennard
Susan Dennard
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Dec 27, 2022

In Susan Dennard’s sequel to Truthwitch, the stories of Safi, Iseult, Merik and Aeduan continue.
Safi and Iseult strive toward their goal to reunify while dealing with conflict in their unique and
dangerous locations. An unlikely pact emerges between Iseult and Aeduen, the return of his money for his
aid in finding Safi. Safi finds herself as well in an unanticipated alliance with the feared Hell-Bards and
powerful Ironwitch Vaness, Empress of Marstock. Merik struggles with his own purpose and motivations
following his survival from a traumatic fire, while his sister Vivia, heir to the Nubrevnan throne, also adds
her perspective to the story as she struggles to lead her country against a surprising adversary. This second
book in the Witchlands series was occasionally plodding in areas, but still an enjoyable read with
interesting characters.


Written by
Helton W.

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