Into the Wild

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Jon Krakauer
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Jan 23, 2023

Title, Author, Genre: Into the Wild, Narrative Nonfiction, Jon Krakauer

Summary: Based on a true story set in Alaska in 1992, Chris McCandles sets himself on an
expedition into the Alaskan Denali Park. However, McCandless dies soon after. Krakauer recalls
McCandles’ journey and motivations behind his reason for hitchhiking into the unknown.
McCandles' choices to hide as Alexander Supertramp, abandon his car, leave his family, and also the
many people he meets will provide for an enjoyable and emotional read!

Opinion: Krakeaur takes an innovative style in telling this story. Instead of telling it through
McCandles, he tells his story through the perspectives of all the people he meets. This book did not
disappoint at all and is very engaging. I did not know of this true story and Krakeaur’s interesting
writing style narrates the perfect story that is a great read. Krakauer introduces many themes such as
manhood, survival, and family in this adventurous story. I would recommend this book to anyone
who wants to learn something new because I believe that most people do not know Chris
McCandless's tale and would be genuinely intrigued by his journey.

The Cover: I think the cover is an accurate description of the book because it depicts a key setting
and a key plot moment in the story which is his death. The one critique I have for it is that it has too
many words and makes it unattractive to read, but I highly recommend reading this book.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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Raghu P.

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