Who is Bill Gates?

Who is Bill Gates?
Patricia Demuth
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Jan 19, 2023

Title, Author, Genre: “Who is Bill Gates?”, Patricia Demuth, nonfiction, science/technology

Summary: “Who Is Bill Gates?” by Patricia Demuth details the life, accomplishments, and
personality of Bill Gates. Bill Gates was competitive and determined to learn even from a young
age. He is mainly known for founding Microsoft, a computer company. The biography elaborates
on the growth of Microsoft but also examines Gates’s life outside of Microsoft. It mentions
Gates’s extraordinary talent and interest in computers from a young age, describing how, in high
school, he and his friends used their computer knowledge to earn money from computer
companies. In addition, Gates dropped out of Harvard to work at Microsoft, although he later
came back to earn his degree. Overall, the biography provides a brief outline of Bill Gates’s life,
describing his success, determination, and thoughtfulness as an individual. The biography also
provides multiple line-drawn pictures and pages explaining context that help the reader better
understand Gates’s life.

Opinion: The most interesting parts of the biography were the descriptions of Bill Gates’s
dedication and hard work towards Microsoft and computers. Bill Gates is widely known for his
success in computers and as a businessman but is lesser known for his perseverance and
competitiveness. The biography is easy and enjoyable to read, and it simplifies confusing
computer terms by using analogies or elaborating with definitions. I would recommend this book
to anyone interested in computers or business.

The Cover: The cover’s color combination is odd. However, it is an accurate reflection of the
contents because it displays Bill Gates with a pencil and paper, which reflects his nonstop effort
to think and learn.
Rating: 4/5


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