Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin
Grace Lin
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Oct 21, 2021

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, written by Grace Lin, is a fantasy novel inspired by Chinese mythology and folklore. The book follows Minli, a young girl who lives in the Village of Fruitless Mountain, working hard and farming despite the terrible land of the Fruitless Mountain. Her father tells her stories and she wishes to have an adventure of her own. One day, she uses her money to buy a goldfish, and it turns out that the goldfish can talk. She lets it go, and it gives her directions to the Never-Ending mountain where the Old Man of the Moon lives, so she sets out determined to change her family's fortune. She meets and saves a dragon, who cannot fly, and they travel together on an adventure to find the Never-Ending Mountain.

The book is very simply written, perfect for kids, and also contains stunning and colorful illustrations. It contains good moments of action and friendship, and most importantly tells many simple but important lessons, and has a fantastic ending. Grace Lin brings the Chinese inspired world to life, and it results in a world that feels unique. The book is a 5/5, especially for children. It could be too simple for adults and teens, but it will still be enjoyable.

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