This Is Where It Ends

This Is Where It Ends
Marieke Nijkamp
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Apr 19, 2023

This Is Where It Ends is a young adult novel by Marieke Nijkamp. The novel is about a school shooting that takes place in a small town’s highschool. One of the students, Tyler Browne, is responsible for the shooting, locking the students in the auditorium and ending up killing thirty-nine people. 

I really enjoyed the way this book is written. It’s written from four students’ different perspectives, which told the same story from different locations. The whole book also takes place over a span of fifty-four minutes. From the students you get to learn the reason behind this school shooting and how Tyler impacted each of their lives. I felt very emotional while reading this book because, sadly, this is a really realistic story that is very relevant. I would recommend this to kids fourteen and older because of the themes of gun violence and profanity that are seen in this book. Overall I enjoyed the book because it made me think about the issue of school shootings and how they affect everyone involved.

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