This Is Where It Ends

Marieke Nijkamp
Feb 11, 2016

Four different people, four separate stories, and four unique perspectives are all tied together by fear. As the school-wide assembly ends, the entire school discovers that all the doors are locked as a student starts shooting.  In this fast paced read, which only spans the course of fifty minutes, the reader gets the perspective of four students, who all have reasons to fear the boy holding the gun. Each character reflects on how they are tied to the shooter, decisions they have made, and how they got to this point all while testing their strength in this nerve-wracking, suspenseful book. This story is so realistic and kept me on the edge of my seat; I felt like I was a part of Opportunity High School student body, locked in this room grasping for hope, while watching this horrific tragedy unfold, and being unable to help those who have been injured.

Reviewed by Library Staff

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