What I Like About Me

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Jenna Guillaume
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Nov 20, 2023

What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume, is about a plus-sized teenager, a girl named Maisie Martin.  She is on vacation at Cobbers Bay when she sees her gorgeous boy best friend, Sebastian, who she always had a crush on. On this vacation Maisie brings her other best friend Anna who has the perfect body. When Anna gets a little too close to Maisie’s crush she decides that she’s had enough. Maisie enters the “Miss Teen Queen Pageant” and it turns out that many people including her mother, her sister (who was also in the pageant and won), Anna, and Sebastian have very strong feelings about her entering the contest. 

This book has many funny and sad chapters. I like the author's writing style. She made the book seem like it was actually Maisie’s journal when she was writing the book. She also made Maisie very relatable when she was writing about her. I really liked when Maisie learned that she was accepted into the “Miss Teen Queen Pageant”. Please note that this book talks about body dysmorphia and may be triggering to some people. This book was a fantastic read and I definitely recommend it to people who are of ages 10-14.

Written by
Nehanika C.

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