We Rule the Night

We Rule the Night by Claire Eliza Bartlett
Claire Eliza Bartlett
Jun 6, 2019

In the world described in this book, there are two types of magic: spark, which is the "legal" and "good" magic, and weave, which, in essence, is weaving the strands of the fabric that makes up the world. However, it is illegal due to its "bad" nature. When two girls, Revna and Linné are brought together by the government, they find that their government is getting desperate to win a war and will cross lines it needs to do so. 

I really liked the cover. Specifically, the font choice is excellent, and I really liked how the bird in the background (is that a phoenix?) has its feathers overlapping the text. In addition, I think the flaming debris on the sides definitely is representing the book, seeing as there is a war going on. Lastly, the cover also catches the eye with the contrast of white, red, and gold on blackish-grey. 

There are multiple compelling aspects of this book. For instance, I enjoyed the relationship between Linné and Tannov. I also enjoyed the hard choices forced Renva, as I think it really drives the plot. I am only disappointed that the sequel isn't out yet.

Written by
Nate N. from BV YA Lit Council


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