We Are Here To Stay

Susan Kuklin
May 9, 2019

This book encompasses the stories of multiple teens who made the journey to America through hardships and struggles in order to live a better life for themselves and their families. The book is written in first person and through short stories that allow the reader to get to know the subjects of the story and from the mouths of the immigrants themselves, without influencing the reader to think a certain way about the issue. I think that the cover was really powerful because It draws the attention directly to the title, which is ultimately the message of the book. I would say that it is also appropriate for the contents of the book because it shows that the teens in the book are making a stance in the position in America and are not waiting for anyone to tell them their opinion. I really liked the simplicity of it because it wasn't trying to get readers based on a pretty picture, but those who are actually interested in what these teens have to say. 

The most compelling aspect of the book was that the author was not trying to persuade the reader to think one way or the other by force, but was giving the reader the opportunity to make that decision themselves based on the words of the teens themselves. It was really nice to have the viewpoints of the immigrants themselves because there wasn't any media or other source that could warp the story to favor their perspectives. It really opened my mind to the life threatening struggles these teens face because the media in America almost always has a bias and it can get really tedious to get the full story of something without the opinions of someone else. I was able to empathize with the teens in the book not as immigrants who aren't given legal status in America, but just as other kids who deserve a good life and future like anybody else.

Written by
Shivali P from BV YA Lit Council


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