Warrior’s Return

Warrior’s Return
Erin Hunter
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Jul 21, 2023

Warrior’s Return is a graphic novel as part of a 3-book miniseries called Graystripe’s Adventure by Erin Hunter, overall part of the Warriors books. This book is the final book of the miniseries. At the end of the second book, Graystripe and Millie find out that the old forest had been destroyed and all the clans left it. They decided to visit Ravenpaw, Graystripe’s old friend, along with Ravenpaw’s companion Barley, for help, and they told them that the clans left and gone toward the sun-drown place(the sea). So Graystripe and Millie started journeying there and faced many difficulties. Will they be able to overcome all of their problems to finally be able to find the clans and reunite? 

Warrior’s Return was a great finale to the Graystripe’s Adventure miniseries. The storyline is nice, and both of the cats’ personalities are developed well, especially Millie, a new character in this miniseries. This was a great end to the story of how Graystripe found the clans again after many seasons, bringing a companion along. However, once again Graystripe is really grumpy, and he is really mean to Millie. For some reason, she seems to forgive him for everything he does and says to her without him even needing to apologize, and I find this a bit odd. Because of this, I give this book a four out of five.

Written by
Neil J.

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