War Storm

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard
Victoria Aveyard
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Aug 2, 2022

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard is fantasy fiction and the fourth book in the series. Mare is now
determined more than ever after Cal’s betrayal. She wants to overthrow the kingdom of Norta
and bring an end to it all. And it all starts with Maven’s crown. But she can’t do it alone, she
needs Cal’s help. Together, with the help of the Scarlet Guard, can they finally bring an end to
the injustice? This book was not impressive. It was a lot like the other books, it had a lot of
boring and hard-to-get-through scenes. The only person I liked was Maven. Mare and Cal
annoyed me a lot. I was expecting a lot more. Overall, I’d give it a 2/5.

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