Vanishing Girls

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
Lauren Oliver
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Jun 29, 2022

Vanishing Girls, by Lauren Oliver, is about 2 sisters finding their ways into the world. Nic and Dara weren’t the closest of sisters but they looked out for each other. They would play games, have fun talking for hours and hours about anything and everything, doing things sisters do. But then things started to happen. Nic started to grow up trying to be more protective of Dara but that only led to Dara getting hurt. A car accident that left beautiful Dara scarred. Then a boy came between them, one that was once Nic’s best friend, but whom Dara fell in love with. With things falling apart, Dara decides instead of fixing it, to stop talking to Nic altogether. A 9 year old girl goes missing, then on her birthday, so does Dara. Nic has to find out what’s going on, before it’s too late. 

I liked this book. It definitely had different aspects of it, at first a little complicated but then really interesting. I liked how it was told by 2 different pov’s. I wish there was a sequel to it, since it was an intriguing novel.

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