Valkyrie The Runaway

Valkyrie The Runaway by Kate O’Hearn
Kate O’Hearn
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Aug 12, 2022

In Valkyrie, The Runaway, by Kate O’Hearn, Freya has her best friend, Archie, by her
side and the upcoming Nine Realms Challenge to look forward to. Everything is great
until she’s summoned by Odin. Odin sends her to retrieve a banished Valkyrie and bring
her back to Asgard. As Freya and Archie are traveling and trying to bring the Valkyrie
home, they learn secrets that have long been buried. Freya finds her family, but will they
be able to stay together? I liked the first book and this one was just as good. I would
recommend it to middle grade kids who have an interest in mythology.

Written by
Claire A.

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