Unleashed by Sophie Jordan
Sophie Jordan
Jul 20, 2022

Unleashed, by Sophie Jordan, is a novel about a girl named Davy Hamilton, who is
diagnosed with HTS, Homicidal Tendency Syndrome. Everyone ghosts her; her family,
boyfriend, and even her best friend. Davy is unsure of who she is anymore even when
she is shipped off to a place with teens just like her. She and her friends, Sean, Sabine,
and Gil, attempt to escape to find a better life. But then she gets separated from them
and is in critical condition. A young man (Caden) saves her, and he claims that she is
safer here then where she was heading. He too is diagnosed with HTS, and shows what
his group is fighting for; HTS holder’s rights. He tries to convince her to stay, but Davy
isn’t sure she wants to join resistance fighters. She starts to grow feelings for Caden,
who is only one who truly understand her struggles, but she still has a strong urge to get
back to her friends.

I liked this book because, it actually was a whole lot more interesting than I thought. I
thought the way the author wrote this was amazing, and I liked how she portrayed
Davy’s thought and feelings. The plotline was strong and I was interested throughout. I
wish there was sequel to it, I give this 4.5/5.


Written by
Teen Book Reviewer

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