Ungifted by Gordon Korman
Gordon Korman
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Mar 19, 2023

Ungifted by Gordon Korman is about Donovan Curtis, who is far from anything close to gifted. When a prank goes too far, instead of getting in trouble, Donovan is sent to the academy for gifted students because of a mix-up by one of the administrators. Now in the academy of scholastic distinction, Donovan has to fool all the other students with super high IQ’s in order to stay there. What he doesn’t know is that the teachers in the academy smell something fishy since Donovan doesn’t have a particular thing he’s good at. Fooling people must have sounded easy for Donovan, but now he has to work really hard to not get caught as a fraud gifted student. But what no one thought was the one thing the gifted students needed most was Donovan.


I liked this book. It was a very funny book and made me laugh a lot. I think this book is really good for middle schoolers and I think it is a very enjoyable and entertaining book. I would highly recommend this book to people. I give this book a 5/5.

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