The Twin

The Twin by Natasha Preston
Natasha Preston
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Jul 26, 2022

The Twin by Natasha Preston is about a girl named Ivy who welcomes
her twin sister, Iris, after a fatal accident happening to their mother. Ivy
wasn’t exactly thrilled but was willing to share her life with Iris. But Iris
seems a bit obsessed with Ivy’s life. Almost wanting to take over her life.
Ivy tries to pretend she is just being paranoid but now everyone is under
Iris’s spell. Ivy must figure out what’s going on and what are Iris’s true

This book was a frightening tale because family is everything. Apparently
not with these twin sisters. I thought it would be interesting but in a way
was kind of sickening but it was a decent book. The plot twist was pretty
good and I would give 3/5 .


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