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Stephanie Myer
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Aug 30, 2023

Bella isn’t like other girls; she just wants to live with her mom, but understands that she has to move to Forks to live with her dad. So, for her mom, Bella makes the decision to move to Forks and start her junior year there. The rainy temperate environment isn’t anything like what she is used to, but neither is the strange boy next to her in biology, Edward. Bella and Edward can’t keep away from each other despite Edward trying to establish distance. Bella knows Edward isn’t normal but she’s not sure what exactly he is. So, their love story starts in a four-book saga with challenges they must face together if they ever want the chance of being together forever.

I gave Twilight five stars because it’s one of my favorite books ever. It has an addictive plot that keeps you engaged and is moving from one thing to the next. While I can acknowledge that parts of Bella and Edward’s love story are toxic overall their all-consuming love also consumes the reader. With multiple challenges ranging from enemies to society the book keeps a constant pace that doesn’t slow down. It’s a long book but it flies by because Meyer’s presents new issues and problems constantly. Edward and Bella’s love is one for the ages and the rainy vibe throughout the book helps to create the perfect environment to read. Twilight is truly a five star experience.

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