Twice Cursed

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Marie O'Regan
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Nov 20, 2023

The sequel to the best horror short story book on the market, Twice Cursed was heavily awaited by the many fans of the first book (me). With the return of most of the authors from the first book, such as M. R. Carey, Christina Henry and of course, Neil Gaiman, I was excited for the new stories to be told. After reading the first book, I had high expectations, and this book both met and exceeded them. With 16 new tales, and many new authors ready with a twist, many of the stories in this book deserve a place within the horror hall of fame. With interesting new concepts, such as a support group for cursed people, or a circus made entirely of the dead, or even a boy whose mother ate his tongue, this book has every level of horror possible. “Twice Cursed” has some psychological, some gore, and more twists on classics. The stories that stood out the most were: “The Viral Voyage of Bird Man” a fascinating take on immortality in the modern world, with regards to regret and social media; “Mr. Thirteen” was a captivating story of some less than beautiful curses, and how they affect those afflicted with them. The best though, by the returning author Christina Henry, was “Pretty Maids All in a Row”. The most horrifying short story in this book and the previous one combined, shows the true horror behind an unreliable narrator, and the dangers of not believing them. “Pretty Maids All in a Row” is an unforgettable instant classic, but not the only one within Twice Cursed. Five out of five stars, incredible literature by incredible authors.

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