Today Tonight Tomorrow

Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Rachel Lynn Solomon
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Feb 10, 2023

Rowan had spent her entire high school career competing with Neil, her longtime rival, for the
title of valedictorian on graduation day. When Neil is granted valedictorian instead of her, she
has one more chance to beat him once and for all at HOWL, their end of year senior class
“assassins” style game. Upon hearing that they are two of the most popular targets, the pair
reluctantly decides to team up. As they get to know each other more and more, they start to
question: Why did we hate each other so much in the first place? Will Rowan rise to the
challenge to beat her nemesis one last time? Or will she find out that she was fighting for the
wrong thing the whole time?

This book had me interested from the first page. I had never read a romance novel that featured
the ‘enemies to lovers’ trope before, but this book made me love it. The chemistry and banter
that Neil and Rowan had from the first chapter was an excellent subtle hint to the development
of their relationship later on in the book. The small twist towards the end was also super cute! I
was rooting for them from the beginning, but I was still drawn into the story! This book went by
so fast that I read it within a day. I felt so immersed in the story that it was almost like I was
there with them. If you want a quick, action packed read, this book is for you!


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