Three Drops of Blood

Three Drops of Blood by Gretchen McNeil
Gretchen McNeil
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Dec 10, 2022

Kate Williams is a 17 year old up and coming actress and has decided to pursue
acting as a full time career, but it will come at a cost. Whatever cost her parents end
up charging to rent her childhood bedroom. Kate needs a job and her best friend’s
brother Ky has a job for her, filing documents at a law firm that his father runs. One
night when working, Kate starts to see some suspicious behavior between a lady in
another office and her assistant. Days later, she witnesses a double murderer. Can
she help get justice for the killed without becoming the next victim?

I really liked this book! I thought that this book would be quite scary based off of the
cover, however, it wasn’t. I felt that Gretchen McNeil crafted this story so well, with
such a good balance of genres. This book intrigued me about her books and I will be
reading more. The author was also very descriptive which made me not want to put
this book down. Overall, I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone looking
for a good action packed read.


Written by
Anna S.

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