These Twisted Bonds

These Twisted Bonds by Lexi Ryan
Lexi Ryan
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Jan 13, 2023

Abriella has become a fae and survived what should have killed her - but at what cost?
The throne and the court is in ruins, her sister won’t speak to her, she’s bonded to someone she
can never trust again, and she has strange powers that she shouldn’t and that she can barely
control. Somehow, she and her band of misfits must travel to the Underworld and speak to the
legendary Queen Mab, who they hope will give them all the answers they seek. And at the
same time Abriella is trying to cope with her strange shadow self, who represents all that is evil
within her and won’t hesitate to take what she wants - even if it means ending any hope of
uniting the two courts.

I think this sequel is even better than the original and I would highly recommend it. It
avoided a lot of the things I didn’t enjoy about the first one and added in even higher stakes,
more romance, and plot twists. I sped through this book despite its length, and I was happy to
realize it was the last book in the series with a neat and tidy ending. If you’re someone who
enjoys YA/fantasy/romance, this is the series for you. I would give it four stars.


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Mariam S.

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